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10 Easy-to-Grow Plants for Children’s Gardens

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Gardening offers numerous benefits for children, including developing a love for nature, learning responsibility, and improving their overall well-being. One of the best ways to encourage children to get involved in gardening is by including plants that are easy to grow and maintain. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 such plants that are perfect for children’s gardens.

1. Sunflowers: Sunflowers are a favorite among kids due to their tall stature and bright yellow flowers. They are easy to grow from seeds and require minimal care. Sunflowers also attract bees and birds, offering an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about pollination and wildlife.

2. Cherry Tomatoes: Cherry tomatoes are perfect for children to grow because they are small and easy to handle. These plants can be grown in containers or raised beds and thrive with regular watering and plenty of sunlight. Children will love picking these little red gems right off the vine and snacking on them.

3. Marigolds: Marigolds are another great choice for children’s gardens as they are colorful and fast-growing. These flowers are low maintenance and bloom throughout the summer, adding a pop of vibrant color to any garden. Kids can even use marigold petals for craft projects like homemade potpourri.

4. Peppermint: Herbs are excellent plants to grow with children, and peppermint is a popular choice. This aromatic plant is easy to grow in containers and spreads rapidly. Children can enjoy the fresh scent by rubbing the leaves, and they can even use them to make refreshing peppermint tea.

5. Nasturtiums: Nasturtiums are both edible and visually appealing, making them an excellent addition to children’s gardens. These flowers come in a range of bright colors and have a peppery taste that can be added to salads or used as edible decorations. Nasturtiums grow well in containers and attract beneficial insects to the garden.

6. Radishes: Radishes are fast-growing vegetables that children can harvest in just a few weeks after planting. They are easy to care for and can even be grown in small spaces. Radishes come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, making them exciting for kids to grow and eat.

7. Strawberries: There’s nothing quite like the taste of freshly picked strawberries. They are easy to grow in containers or raised beds and require little maintenance. Strawberries also offer children an opportunity to learn about the life cycle of a plant, from blossoms to juicy red fruits.

8. Zinnias: Zinnias are vibrant, colorful flowers that attract butterflies to the garden. They are easy to grow from seeds and can withstand hot summers. Children will love watching these flowers bloom and witnessing their garden transform into a butterfly haven.

9. Carrots: Carrots are another vegetable that is perfect for children’s gardens. They are easy to grow, and children will be amazed by the colorful array of carrots they can harvest, including orange, purple, and even yellow. Carrots also help kids develop fine motor skills as they thin seedlings and gently pull them out at harvest time.

10. Basil: Basil is a versatile herb that children can grow in their gardens. It’s a fragrant plant that comes in various flavors like sweet, lemon, and cinnamon. Children can use fresh basil in their favorite recipes or even make homemade pesto. Basil plants thrive in warm weather and require regular watering.

By including these 10 easy-to-grow plants in children’s gardens, parents and teachers can create an engaging and educational environment. These plants not only offer hands-on learning experiences but also provide children with a sense of accomplishment as they watch their efforts flourish. So, let’s get gardening and inspire the next generation of green thumbs!

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